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Teachers who teaches innovation and marketing can use Presearch as a case for students. Presearch is a blockchain technology product that actually is usable (innovation)

Presearch´s staking program is a new structure in affiliate marketing. It offers completely new opportunities for the individual and for the business (innovation and marketing)


IT departments at schools. Let the Presearch Platform be the standard tool on all the student´s computer´s (we actually have a student in the Telegram Presearch Community Group who has succedded in  getting Presearch installed on all the 1.000 school computers yes Fantastic Nicholas)

The Presearch platform is very user friendly and allow the students to have their favorit search engines on one screen.


To avoid disappointed Presearching students it is important to tell them that the Presearch platform is not a token generator. One person, one account. And click click click is no go. They will just level down and not be able to withdraw tokens as fast as they want to.