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An Unofficial Site Driven By A Pre-enthusiast

I just wanna search the web


Your mother, your friends who just want to search who does not care about tokens


You do not have to log in. Just go to and search

You can have all your favorite search engines (inclusive Google, Youtube, Facebook etc) on the frontpage and easily navigate through them

You can search without Presearch obtaining information about you and your search pattern. Just use the Desearch engine or the Presearch engine

You can bypass the big players (Google etc.) when it is relevant to you. If you need to use Google you can do that from the platform as well


To avoid disappointed Presearchers it is important to tell them that the Presearch platform is not a token generator. One person, one account. And click click click is no go. They will just level down and not be able to withdraw tokens as fast as they want to